SEAT Leasing

It’s true that SEAT are known for offering great value for money, but the SEAT new-car range is packed with a broad range offering modern specifications, technology, engines and great design. The Seat Ibiza, Mii, Leon and Arona are popular city car choices whilst you’ll find space and practicality in abundance in the Ateca and Tarraco ranges.

SEAT Leasing explained

Leasing a new SEAT means you can avoid unexpected costs by having a fixed monthly repayment for the duration of your contract. 

Unlike loans or traditional finance you only pay for the depreciation of the SEAT over the term rather than the full price of the car. 

Rather than pay large up front payment you'll pay a small initial rental at the start of the lease, and at the end of the agreed term you simply hand the car back.

Customer review

"After not being able to secure a deal with my existing car company, I branched out into private companies who lease cars. Amber Leasing have dealt with my husband's company before, but I wasn't sure if they did private, but lo and behold they do. I had an idea of what car I wanted, so I did some research and found that Amber actually had a deal on the car I liked at that time. I spoke to Jason, who very swiftly got the required emails sent out to me for the financial check, which I passed. Then, just days later the order form came through, I signed and the car was on order! Any questions I had throughout the process were answered promptly and with great knowledge from Gill. What a great experience in leasing a car. Totally stress free, which is what we all need in this day and age. Thanks Amber Leasing!"


What our customers say...

Sharon Dykes Absolutely fantastic service
5 stars

Absolutely fantastic service!
The staff are second to none. I can't rate them enough.
I wouldn't use anyone else.
Thank you so much for your consistent help Simon johnson as alway & Gill.
S Dykes.

Leased a SEAT Ateca
Jessica Morris Amazing service
5 stars

Amazing service. They are answered all our questions and helped us find the perfect car for our needs at a fantastic price. Would highly recommend! Thank you Simon and Gill!

Leased a SEAT Ateca