Save 30-50% off a new electric car through EV Salary Sacrifice

Salary Sacrifice is a fantastic Employee benefit that enables Employee's to ‘sacrifice’ part of their salary in exchange for a brand new, company-leased car, at no additional cost to the Employer!

Everything you need to know about EV Salary Sacrifice

What is Salary Sacrifice and how does it work?

Salary Sacrifice is an employee benefit that allows employee's to ‘sacrifice’ some of their salary in return for a brand new, company leased car. Because the deduction comes out of the employee’s ‘gross’ salary, the Employee will pay reduced National Insurance and Income Tax while covering the total cost of the lease (meaning there is no cost to the business). This allows them to lease a brand new car and save money at the same time!

Amber Car Leasing | Salary Sacrifice

What are the employee benefits for Salary Sacrifice? 

The employee will typically save around 30-50% on the lease cost of an electric car compared to leasing personally. 

Step 1 Salary Sacrifice Process

No Deposit Required

Monthly payments commence after you have taken delivery of your new vehicle.

Step 2 Salary Sacrifice

Full Maintenance Included

Full maintenance and servicing is included with every lease car.

Step 3 Salary Sacrifice

No Employee Credit Checks

Your credit score is not affected as there are no credit checks for employees. 

Step 1 Salary Sacrifice Process

Brand New Electric Cars

All cars are brand new and delivered direct from UK main dealers.

Step 2 Salary Sacrifice

Vehicle Insurance Available

Additional, fixed fee fully comprehensive insurance is available.

Step 3 Salary Sacrifice

Fully Fitted EV Charge Points

A Home EV charger can be included as part of your salary sacrifice package.

How can EV Salary Sacrifice benefit my company?

Example savings with Electric Car Salary Sacrifice

Check out some examples of these popular salary sacrifice cars and the employee savings and monthly costs*. 

Cupra Born Salary Sacrifice Example
Tesla Model Y Salary Sacrifice Example
Porsche Taycan Salary Sacrifice Example

Based on an individual living in England/Wales. Gross salary of £40K for the Cupra Born, £60k for the Telsa Model Y and £100k for the Porsche Taycan Based on 4 years, 10K Miles per annum. Figures are only an estimation and are used for marketing purposes only. Total Estimated Net Salary Reduction includes the potential Income Tax and National Insurance savings applicable to the salary and country of resident entered. A salary sacrifice is only available for an employee through their employer, Terms & Conditions apply.

What is the Salary Sacrifice Process?

Step 1 Salary Sacrifice Process

Join the scheme

If you haven't already, sign up to our Salary Scheme, or refer your employer! It's totally free & easy to sign up.

Step 2 Salary Sacrifice

Choose your Car

Search our selection of Salary Sacrifice electric cars or speak to our Team of Sal Sac EV experts if you need help in choosing the right car for you!

Step 3 Salary Sacrifice

Take Delivery

Payments are taken through your salary automatically so there's nothing else to worry about other than taking delivery of your brand new car

Why Choose Amber Car Leasing?

Amber Car Leasing have been providing Businesses and Private individual's with lease cars & vans since 2006.

Customer service and competitive pricing is number one priority at Amber. Our long established, strategic partnerships with our full panel of Funders and Manufacturer's means we will always remain competitive.

Our fully comprehensive Salary Sacrifice package can be customised individually to suit you or your employees’ needs, adding in insurance, home charger & maintenance if needed for a fixed price over the contract.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers are very vocal and we are extremely proud of our ‘Excellent’ 5-star Trustpilot status showing that we provide first-class customer service making us the Number 1 car leasing company on Trustpilot. 


Salary Sacrifice FAQ's

The employer must join our salary sacrifice scheme and we work with the employer to roll out the scheme to the rest of the organisation. The employee will then choose the car from our online portal and get a quotation. All paperwork is completed electronically within the portal and then we order the car and deliver it to your address. 

The vehicle can be delivered free of charge to the employee's home address.

Use our handy Zap-Map to find the nearest electric chargers near you

The range of the vehicle depends on the battery and the car you've selected. If you're worried about the range of your car, speak to one our electric experts to find the perfect car for you and your needs.

Vehicle insurance can be added and set up to the fixed monthly payments, allowing peace of mind and also tax advantages over securing insurance personally.

Speak to our team of experts and find a full list of what's covered and what's not covered for early termination protection. We have built-in protection covered in our schemes which protects both the employees and employers from early termination. 


When working out your salary sacrifice contract, we will agree on an annual mileage with you, but you will also see any excess mileage charges in your agreement. 

Excess mileage is usually charged as (x) pence per mile, so if your excess is 7p per mile and you go over your mileage by 2,000 miles you will have to pay £140. 

Numerous employers compute pension contributions based on a "notional" or "reference salary" - the employee's salary prior to the deduction of any salary sacrifice. Consequently, the pension might remain unaffected by the salary sacrifice. However, this may not be the case with all pensions, and by reducing your Income Tax and National Insurance payments, your pension could be impacted. Therefore, it's crucial to obtain independent advice. Please note that your employer is not in a position to offer such independent advice.

Because the Salary Sacrifice scheme is classed as an employee benefit, benefit-in-kind tax is applicable however rates on an electric car are currently only 2% until 2025, rising by only 1% per year until 2028 so the tax is minimal and the payments and tax are broken down on our portal. 

Home Charging Points can be added and set up to the fixed monthly payments, allowing peace of mind and also tax advantages over securing charging points personally.

The employee will be liable for the cost of any damage when you return the car and any damage charges will be deducted from their monthly net salary. They are fair wear and tear guidelines that are listed on our website to guide you through the ins and outs. Every car in our scheme includes maintenance as part of the package. 


Vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair including tyre replacement are included as part of Amber's Salary Sacrifice scheme and are a tax-efficient way to provide maintenance while also giving you peace of mind. 

You can add up to two additional drivers can be added, however, they must meet the insurance eligibility criteria.

Maternity leave is fully covered by our scheme if the employee is more than 3 months into the lease and has up to 12 months of cover available. 


Employee aged between 18 and 75 years of age (maximum age of 78 at the end of the lease term if insurance included)

A permanent UK resident

Hold a valid driving licence for the duration of the lease period

A permanent PAYE employee

Basic pay must not fall below the National Minimum or Living Wage after deductions

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