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Our interactive UK map helps you find the electric vehicle charging points closest to you. Using data provided by Open Charge Map, find vehicle charging points near you and help plan your journeys effectively! 

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Commonly Asked Questions about Electric Cars

100% electric (BEV)

Pure electric cars are powered by a large electric motor and battery. They produce zero carbon emissions and do not pollute the environment. 

Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) 

A plug-in hybrid is a vehicle whose battery pack can be recharged. These battery packs typically run for 15-50 miles depending on the size of the battery, when the battery is depleted, the car will switch over to using petrol/diesel. These cars are perfect for short trips into town.

Conventional Hybrid (HEV)

These cars are powered by an internal combustion engine and an electric drive train, achieving better fuel economy than a normal combustion engine. Often powered by technologies such as 'regenerative braking', these cars convert the energy from braking into power the car can for power.

Typically, they are very cheap to run as electricity costs less than petrol or diesel and requires less maintenance than an internal combustion engine. The costs are dependent on the model, make and specifics of the car. 

Currently, there are four grants available to help fund fully electric cars. Some of these discounts are already applied to our pricing, helping reduce the overall cost of your lease.

If the price of the car is less than £32,000, a reduction in price of £1500 will be automatically applied.

Public rapid chargers can charge a vehicle up to 80% within 30 minutes. These are available at most service stations, so it's perfect if you've driven far enough and need a quick break.

When at home, using a wallbox will give you a charge of around 10-30 miles per hour depending on your model and type of wallbox. You would typically charge them overnight so you can have them ready for the next day.

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