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What is Business Car Leasing?

Business Contract Hire, or Business Leasing, is a long-term rental agreement - generally for between two and five years. 

Business Contract Hire is a popular way for businesses to fund new vehicles.  Business car leasing offers an attractive way for businesses to get a vehicle as it offers significant tax advantages and removes some of the financial risk and administrative tasks that comes with owning your own vehicle. 

At the end of the contract, businesses do not have to worry about disposing of the vehicle as vehicles are usually returned to the finance company. 

Benefits of business leasing


Cash Flow

Leasing provides a flexible line of credit as opposed to the capital-intensive nature of purchasing, freeing up valuable funds for investment in the business and alleviating any cash flow concerns.


Maintenance can be easily included within your lease, minimising downtime for drivers and also claim back 100% of any VAT. 


Fixed Cost

Business leasing provides a fixed monthly cost so that you can manage budgets effectively, tailoring the cost of a new vehicle to your exact mileage and contract requirements. 


Claim Back VAT

You can claim back 100% of the VAT on a commercial vehicle and 50% of the VAT on a car. You can also claim 100% VAT back on maintenance package monthly payments.   

Business Leasing FAQ's

To be eligible for the tax deductions on a business car lease, you should fall into one of the following categories:

  • Sole Trader/Self-Employed
  • Partnership
  • VAT Registered Business
  • PLC
  • LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
  • Limited Company 
  • Charity
  • Local Authority
  • Government/Embassy

Annual Car tax on your company car will depend on a number of factors. these factors include: 

  • The P11d value 
  • Your income tax percentage rate 
  • The benefit in kind (BIK) tax banding, which is determined by it's CO2 emissions

P11D value (value of the car) x BIK tax band x your income tax bracket

An Example:

An electric car with P11D value of £20,000 x 2% BIK rate x 20% tax bracket = £80 BIK per year.

Business leasing is cheaper than personal leasing because companies can claim back 100% of the VAT on a commercial vehicle and 50% of the VAT on a car. You can also claim 100% VAT back on maintenance package monthly payments.   

Yes, indeed. We offer free UK mainland delivery to home or workplaces however some of the more remote areas of Scotland do attract an additional surcharge from some of our supplying Dealers

To qualify for a Business Car Lease we must submit a credit application on your behalf to our Underwriting Team where ‘soft searches’ will be conducted on the Company Director(s), it’s important to note that these searches do not leave a footprint on the Director’s Credit File. In tandem searches will also be made on the Company to ensure it can meet it’s repayment obligations.     

At the end of a business lease, the vehicle is usually returned to the finance provider meaning you are free to take on another lease. 

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