Why Should You Consider an Electric Car Lease?

#1 Maximise your buying power 

Many electric cars come with high price tags, and so leasing one instead will mean you get to drive a cutting-edge vehicle for a minimal deposit and small monthly fee. This way, you can make your money go further. Also, electric technology is developing so quickly, that there are new models hitting the market all the time and leasing means you are only tying your money up in a car for a short period of time and can move onto the next model before it becomes too dated.

#2 Reduction in running costs 

You will also get a financial boost from the fact that the running costs associated with electric or hybrid materials are often a lot less than with other cars. The cost of recharging your car battery is practically nothing when you compare it against the cost of filling your tank with petrol or diesel.

#3 Do your bit for the environment 

Sustainability is a key trend these days, and driving an electric car means you will be driving something that is less polluting than a petrol or diesel car. You can drive guilt-free knowing that you are doing your bit to reduce carbon emissions.

#4 Be an early adopter 

Many electric car owners we have spoken to love the fact that the electric car they are driving represents the cutting edge of technology. In fact, the fact that many electric cars are so innovative means that their styling is often futuristic as well. 

The great thing about leasing your electric car is that you can try these innovations out at low risk to yourself. The typical length of a lease is two to four years, meaning you then pass the car back to the leasing company (that’s us) at the end to resell for you – taking all of the hassles away

#5 Easy to maintain

One major benefit of electric cars is the fact they are easy to maintain as it has fewer moving parts than a conventional vehicle. Also, consumables tend to last longer on them as they tend to use regenerative braking, which also leads to further cost savings.

#6 Slower Depreciation

Dare we say it but the internal combustion engine is on its way out, the electric car is the future. More and more people are adapting to technology, which means that depreciation is also slowing. This means lease costs for electric vehicles will start to reduce too as many lease agreements are worked out based on the level of depreciation of a vehicle.

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