Some common questions on electric cars

Questions we are asked at Amber regarding electric cars! Ok some seem sensible and others we might not want to ask....


Are electric cars safe?

Yes, electric are safe - all cars are built to exactly the same standards as a combustion engine car. All manufacturers subject their cars to rigorous testing and of course they are subject to Euro NCAP assessments. 

What can I do to conserve battery life?

Some easy ones here....firstly, keeping your foot of the accelerator as you have been testing the crazy new acceleration on your electric car! Yes, they are fun and will get to 60MPH in no time, all with very little noise! 

Air con, is it on? Does it need to be on? Same goes for heaters and lights!

Are you charging external devices? Phones, the kids ipads...

Adjust your driving, have you heard of regenerative braking? The system in an electric captures kinetic energy during deceleration, storing this in the battery and untimely more miles! 


Can I drive through water or in the rain?

Well yes, but just like a petrol or diesel car, driving through a flood or anything over 300MM deep is not recommended!! Guidance says your car float in over 300MM of water, petrol, diesel or an electric.  


What about giving it a wash or going through a car wash? 

Of course, just like any other car, electric cars are safe to be washed. All cars including petrol, diesel and electric are put through rigorous testing - often called the soak test! 


Are electric cars automatic or manual? 

Yes, most electric cars are - they operate with no gears, means no stalling - phew!!