Electric Cars - What are the Benefits?

We are handling more and more e-car lease here at Amber Vehicle Solutions but why are they so popular? They are just cars that run off batteries right? Wrong. Electric cars can not only save you money, contribute to cleaner air all around, and help to kickstart a transport revolution. 

What is more there have been many impressive advancements in the engineering of electric cars, which have led to many drivers being won over by their first-rate performance. So, if you are thinking of an electric car lease, what are the benefits?

  • They are beautiful to drive, and some of them even have space-ship like handling 
  • They save you money in the long run, although the initial outlay may be high 
  • Pure electric cars equal lower emissions which means a less polluted environment for everyone 
  • Electric cars don’t have noisy engines, which means they are quiet to drive and so you will have a much more peaceful commute 
  • Electric cars are much more energy-efficient than combustion engines and so they can help us to fight climate change

However, it is not all good news when it comes to electric cars. There is still a lot of changes going on with the infrastructure that supports them – which is putting a lot of people off from purchasing them. However, improvements are being made all the time, as manufacturers are working together to ensure the network is solid. But, even if this issue is solved, there are still other things to be aware of:

  • Costly to buy up front – although this pitfall is removed if you lease the car rather than buy it 
  • There is still a limited choice when it comes to electric cars as car manufacturers have only just started producing them. However, this should change in the future as demand grows 
  • They can be tricky to charge especially if you drive long distances, although there are more and more charging points popping up all over the UK. You may want to look at a hybrid car instead, if you don’t have an electric charging point at home.

Famous fans of electric vehicles

One major benefit of electric vehicles is the amount of celebrities who swear by them. Famous fans include: 

  • Cameron Diaz 
  • Leo di Caprio 
  • Jay Leno 
  • Justin Bieber 
  • George Clooney 
  • Barack Obama

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