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A Personal Contract Hire UK Guide to Wheel Drive is Front or Rear Best?

A Personal Contract Hire UK Guide to Wheel Drive  is Front or Rear Best?

We are major car lovers here at Amber Vehicle Solutions, which is one of the reasons why our business is personal contract hire UK. We’ve been fans of cars for so long, that some of our favourite ones are those with real wheel drive. Some of the most amazing sports cars of the 20th century where those with rear wheel drive after all, but is it still the best drive today? Let’s look at the differences:

Rear Wheel Drive

Rear wheel drive cars typically have their engine at the front, but the power is all in the rear wheels. The front wheels, therefore, have one task only – and that is to steer the car. One of the pros of a rear wheel drive car, and something that makes them popular for personal contract hire in uk, is the fact that weight is more evenly distributed than in a front wheel drive car – which tends to have the weight biased towards the front of the car. 

Many people feel that rear wheel drive cars handle better than front wheel drive because of the weight distribution, however, this also means that rear wheel drive cars can be prone to oversteer. Oversteer is where the car spins on its axis due to their being too much power in the back wheels or the fact that the road is slippery due to the weather. 

Rear wheel drive cars can be found in ranges from Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mazda and Mercedes Benz.

Front Wheel Drive Cars

The first popular front wheel drive car in the UK was the Mini – believe it or not. It was designed this way, with the engine at the front of the car so that a prop shaft to the rear was not needed, meaning passengers in the back enjoyed more leg room. 

The front wheel drive car, however, has the opposite con to the rear wheel drive car, in that it is prone to understeer (not oversteer). Understeer is when the front wheel lose their grip on the road when the brakes are applied too harshly when steering around a corner. 

Ranges which have front wheel drive cars in them include Audi, Ford, Mercedes, Range Rover and Volkswagen.

Should you go for a Rear Wheel or Front Wheel Drive car? 

If you are using your lease car for the sole purpose of driving from A to B then you may be best going for a front wheel drive. These usually cost less to manufacture so the lease cost should be lower, and you will also enjoy added practicality with the fact that the driveshaft is not there to eat away at the legroom in the back. 

If you do a lot of driving and want to enjoy it, then a rear wheel drive may be better for you as most people think that the driving experience is much better. However, you will have to be mega alert in bad weather conditions – especially when turning. 

Whichever type of wheel drive car you want to go for, get in touch with Amber Vehicle Solutions today to find out our best personal contract hire offers.

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